Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: 2013-03-28

     General Questions

  Free?  Really?   Really. No charges, no contracts, no license fees, no transaction fees, no storage fees. Yup, no charge!

What kinds of projects?   Any collaboration effort between two or more independent organizations that is focused on developing vital documents such as:  standards, specifications, guidelines, recommended practices, policies.

Is there a limit on the number of organizations that can gather?   No.

What if my organization is not a Kavi customer?   Come on in, the water's fine!  (Still no charge!)

How can I launch a project?   Click on the "Launch a new project" button (see above).  Fill out and submit the information on the page. A Kavi Administrator will contact you to help you get started.

How many projects can I have on this site?   Kavi has not set a formal limit. Contact us and we'll be happy to talk with you about what your organization and its partners need.

How will users gain access to work on our project?   The Manager, Committee Chair or Co-Chair will send the list of approved users to Kavi Administrators, who will create an account for each person. The system will send each person a “welcome” notification with a link to log in and create a permanent password. The Kavi Administrator will notify the Chair, who then may add the users to the group(s). No one can participate in a project without consent of a Manager, Chair or Co-Chair of the group.

Must volunteers sign a participation agreement?   Every participant agrees to the terms of use posted on the Legal page. In addition, each joint standard project may require participants to agree to additional terms specific to their initiative.

Visibility Preferences   Your organization may choose to make your project visible or not visible on the "Current Projects" page.

Invisibility   If your initiative requires a more stringent level of privacy, contact Kavi for assistance.

How quickly are "join requests" processed?   Kavi will make every effort to register new users within two business days of notice from the Manager, Chair, or Co-Chair of a project. Circumstances may arise in which more time is needed.

Who will answer users’ questions?
  • Group Chair / Co-Chair or Manager should address all questions relating to policy, governance of the joint initiative, procedures, participant responsibilities, nature and substance of the work, and basic "How to" questions from Committee Members about use of the application.

  • Kavi will provide technical and administrative support to the Group Chair / Co-Chair or Manager of the joint initiative. Guidelines regarding the range and limits of support will be provided prior to initiation of the joint project.

  • In the event that one or more organization participating in the joint initiative is unfamiliar with the Workspace solution, Kavi will provide an initial orientation to users.

Can we accept Public comments on this site?   Yes, if you choose to share a document with the General Public and open it for comment, the system will collect any comments submitted by non-authenticated (Public) persons. Of course, if you do not choose to share the document with General Public, it remains private and invisible.

Why is Kavi providing this service?   Joint Standards Network is part of Kavi’s commitment to the overall standards community.

     Current Workspace Users

  Will participants have a different Kavi account for this site?   Yes, each participant will have a unique log in to the Joint Standards Network.

How is the Joint Standards Network Workspace different from my organization's Workspace?
  • It is functionally identical, except it may only be used for cross-organization collaborative work. It is not intended for independent work by a single organization.

  • Only Kavi has Administrative access. This is how we ensure that each project remains separate.

  • Join requests are manually managed by the Chair / Co-Chair or Manager, not through Workspace’s automation functions.

  • ProjectView, Document Publishing and ANSI forms all function identically to your organization's individual instance of Kavi Workspace. Keep in mind that differences in the way that you choose to ballot on the Joint Standards Network may preclude submission of the BSR-9 from this site. Please consult with Kavi for details.

Can I export data from the Joint Standards Network site back to my organization’s Workspace?   Yes, you may do that manually.

Is the Joint Standards Network linked to my other Workspace site?   No, the Joint Standards Network is a stand-alone site. It is not aware of your other Calendars or other activities.

     Technical Information

  Preferred Browsers:   Latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer